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Born again
Hiatus over, it's 'Showtime' for Sting and TNA

By Jon Chattman

He's well into his '40s, and hasn't wrestling on a consistent basis since Clinton was in office, but this Sunday, Steve Borden AKA Sting will return to the ring as part of Total Nonstop Action's (TNA) Final Resolution Pay-Per-View. The Stinger, a seven-time World Championship Wrestling champion and arguably that now defunct organization's franchise player, is set to tag with recent TNA acquisition Christian Cage against the "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown and former WCW nemesis Jeff Jarrett.

On Jan. 11, Sting spoke to us about the upcoming PPV, and more importantly, the new one-year contract he signed with TNA. As we found out, the grappler is eager to get back into the ring, put TNA on the map (he wants to see it go head-to-head against WWE on Monday Nights) and end his career on his terms - something he was unable to do when Vince McMahon purchased WCW. And speaking of Mr. McMahon, Sting also revealed that he had ongoing talks with the WWE before signing with TNA, but ultimately declined their offer due to personal reasons (traveling restraints and his own values among them - he's openly Born Again.) With that said, It's showtime...

On the PPV:

I'm going to go into the ring and I'm just hoping the rust kicks off really quick, and I believe that it will. I've been in the gym, working out, and I got myself in pretty good physical condition. I'm looking forward to it. [Christian] is a very talented guy.

On why he's returning now:

There are some pretty big names older than I am [that] are still out there... Ric Flair... Why now? It's now or never. The way I left wrestling was not the way I wanted to leave. I know this year, this is it. If I don't do something now at my age, then it's just never going to happen and I think what a great opportunity with TNA full circle with Jeff Jarrett. His dad (Jerry) hired me originally in 1985 so it is coming full circle. I want to give back in some way. I want be able to say goodbye to wrestling in a better way. Now's just a good time.

On WWE negotiations and why he chose TNA:

I talked to them recently just before I signed a contract with TNA. They contacted me, and we had conversations. I can say they were willing to work with me on my schedule, but in 2006 they're leaving the country more times than I believe they ever have. Whether you're on the Raw schedule or the Smackdown schedule, you're 12 to 15 days a month, and that does not include your travel days and dark days. I spent too many years running at that pace, and I don't want to leave my family again like that. I've made a choice, and I'm focused now on just TNA. I almost feel like it's the same brand... like I'm coming back home almost. With the WWE, the commitment that I would have had to make would've been more than I'm willing to make. TNA seems like the natural route for me. I was a second class citizen with WCW until we launched our Monday Nitro show, so I know what it's like to try to build an organization. And, I'm up for the challenge and see potential here with TNA.

On how often he'll be used on TNA and what he brings to the table:

This isn't a part-time thing that I signed up for. It's not a lot of travel time as it stands now, but I'm going to be pretty involved. I am going to be pretty consistent...I know there are critics out there. Some of the guys probably thinking Sting is going to come in and just push everybody aside. That won't work. One of the ways to give back is to give back, and elevate some of the guys you're working with. I remember when Hulk came into WCW in the mid-90s and when he came in, wrestling fans, people everywhere, constantly ask the questions 'does it bother you that Hulk Hogan has just come in here, and they sort of pushed you aside?' And I said no. Doesn't bother me at all. As a matter of fact, I welcome him coming in. It takes away some of the burden from me, and elevates the whole company. In the long run, it's going to be a pay off for everyone. I'm not coming in to push people aside. I know what its like. 10 years ago, when I was still in there, and you'd just go 'man, some of these guys have been around forever and ever, and it's just like they never let us run with the ball. I know what it's like. But, I want to add to the whole thing. I don't want to take.

On fitting in with TNA:

I am going to figure out a way to plug myself in and find my niche. I'm not going to be doing some of the high flying stuff that you see those guys do now. I've seen some moves with some of those guys on TV that I've never seen before, but I've also seen some guys who wrestle my style also. There's still guys who tell the same story in the same way. Whatever I can add, I'm going to add.

On who'd he like to work with:

I've always had good matches with the big guys. Years ago with Vader and Paul Wight. Abyss, I love his work. There's some kind of little chemistry there that I think we have.

On whether he's been watching wrestling since he left:

[Early on], I would tune in quite a bit to see what they were doing with the WCW guys. Then, it just got to the point where there was nothing that interested me at all. It was just like 'wow, man.' It just doesn't make sense anymore. Recently, I started watching again just to get back in the swing.

On the reaction he's received thus far:

I've had some guys come to me, and say, 'man, when I was little I watched you and that's the reason I'm in wrestling. I took this and that from you, my style is from watching you all those years.' That's pretty humbling. It's kind of cool. You kind of left your stamp wrestling.

On religious beliefs and watching wrestling:

You have to be grounded in the Lord. It's the old saying 'when the crap goes in, it's eventually going to come out too. ' If you're watching the stuff on WWE, and I heard what happened on Monday (Edge and Lita's simulated sex) ... if you're allowing yourself to watch it over and over again, how will it benefit you? If you can just tune it off when you have to tune it in, when you want to watch wrestling action... there's nothing wrong with that.

On acquisitions he'd like TNA to make:

I'd like to see The Rock come here. I don't want to say too many names. Some of the biggest names, you know who they are, I'd like to see him [here.]

On what happens when his contract expires:

We'll see how my body holds out. I don't want to be the old dinosaur in the corner, who's not able even to get back up. I want to be able to deliver the goods. If I'm doing that at the end of the year, and everyone's happy, and everyone wants me back, then I might consider it.

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