Wednesday, February 14, 2007

From Perks Unknown...

Here's a regular feature that ran on last year...

"Best of" Times, Worst of Times
ByGary Perkowitz

As a wrestling fan, I've enjoyed these "Best of" DVDs that the WWE has been putting together for their loyal fans over the past year or so. "The Self Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior" is classic and a must have for anyone who worshiped bodyslams and biceps during the '80s. I am looking forward to watching the just released Jake "the Snake" Roberts as well as the best of Bret "The Hitman" Hart. But, there is a problem with all of these dvds...they make me realize that the state of wrestling today sucks!!!
Since the jump back to USA Network, the WWE has not given the attention and detail to today's talent that they put into making these fantastic DVDs. Sadly, the best thing I've seen on WWE programing in about two years was at the "Homecoming" when Rob Conway (formerly of La Resistance) decided to "crack whip" with "The American Dream.." In honor of that moment as well as my salute to Steve Austin for sticking it once again to the boys in Stamford (apparently refusing to lay down for Jonathan Coachman) here is my top ten reasons on why Monday Night's Suck, and it's got nothing to do with "Everybody Loves Raymond" leaving the airwaves...
10. KANE: How many times are they gonna push this guy? I say his final push should be back on the shelf between Isaac Yankem and the new Diesel. RIP!
9.Chris Masters: Someone tell this guy the Lex Express derailed at least 11 years ago.
8. Eric Bischoff: Awesome moment when he came out and hugged Vince McMahon on the Raw ramp, but come on ... three years later, it's time for a new face in the GM role!
7.No tag teams: I've got three letters for ya: TLC. Bring back the Dudley-Hardy-Edge-Christian highlight reel!
6. HBK: Not even gonna go there!
5. No Y2J: Raw lost its top heel when Chris Jericho decided to become a full-time rockstar.
4. Mis-use of Kurt Angle: He should have been given the gold his first night back on RAW instead he's jobbing to Eugene.
3. Carlito: I'd rather see re-runs of Adrian Ddonis' Flower Shop on WWE 24/7 before I tune into the Cabana.
2. Cena as Champion: Before I waste another second on a guy who should be feuding with Viscera on Velocity, let me just say how great it is to see Goldust back on TV!
1. Competition: The option to flip the station to watch Riki Rachtman and the Nitro Girls at a frat house party isn't looking so bad these days!

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