Friday, February 16, 2007

Spike Dudley: 150 pounds soaking wet

Here's's interview with Matt Hyson from last year...

Because he probably weighs 150 lbs. soaking wet and can still kick your ass... it's time for cheek to cheek with Matt Hyson (formerly Spike Dudley on WWE, which was formerly on Spike TV, and Brother Runt in TNA, which is on Spike TV now) - How's that for a headline?
By Jon Chattman, for

Hey Matt, are you bitter with what happened at WWE?
Not bitter at being fired. I can handle getting let go, it's the nature of the business for talent to come and go. What I resent are the lies the office of the WWE spews at the talent. I was promised over the phone a two year extension on my last contract. Why would they promise that and a month later fire me with no explanation? Why would the office constantly re-assure me my job is safe only to fire me? What work place in the world treats their employees like that? I can honestly say I'm not bitter, just flabbergasted that they operate like that. After 5 years of literally destroying my body for the sake of the company don't I deserve, at least, a face-to-face meeting instead of a late night cell phone call? Their lack of appreciation is what's disapointing.

Do you think you'll find a new home with TNA or another company?
I'll definintely make a home somewhere. There's plenty of wrestling left in me and there are a number of companies out there. I can't point to any one promotion and say that's my new home. I believe I'll have to wrestle the circuit, as I've been doing. I'm having too much fun to commit to one place only.

Are you surprised Joey Styles is commentating for RAW now?
I wasn't aware he was until you asked. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Whats your crowning achievement in the business?
There's no such thing. I've found every time I go out to the ring it's better than the last time. Just having my first match was my crowning achievement. Every thing else is icing on the cake.

What's your general feeling about the state of the industry these days?
The business is always on a roller coaster. It goes up and down with the fans and the styles. Something works, everyone exploits it until it gets old, something new pops up, sparks everyone's interest unil it's exploited. I think the business is in the upswing. I feel the WWE has lost touch with it's fan base and is much too focussed on the "entertainment" side and has forgotten the "pro wrestling" side. This might be economically smart for them, but it leaves the industry wide open for a group like TNA to come in and steal the wrestling fans. By going back to wrestling TNA is a giant breath of fresh air to a very stale WWE product. Wreslting fans now have options, be it TNA or UFC or Indy shows. As I've hit the independants I still see the true wrestling fan out there. I believe some big changes will occur in the next year or two in pro wrestling.

Do you still consider yourself a wrestling fan?
Of course, I have hundreds of tapes. I've always been a student and I'm always watching wrestling. I do prefer old-school stuff, put I'm the biggest fan in the world.

You've accomplished so much despite being a "little guy," what's your secret?

That question was pretty lame, wasn't it?
No, really there's no secret. Work hard, love pro wrestling, be a pro, give it your all. That's my secret.

What question are you sick and tired of every one asking you?
What's it like to go through table? I hate that one. It F'N hurts!!! What else can I say?

Okay, thanks Matt, what does the future hold for you - in this business or out?
That's your lame question.


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