Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A Man of Few Words

Continuing our rehash of old school interviews from, here's Kane from last year's ComicCon in NYC.

Raising Kane (and hell) in Hollywood

By Jon Chattman, for February 2006
Photo/Rich Tarantino

He's buried his half-brother alive. He regularly sets four ringposts ablaze with his barehands. He's worn red leather and brushed elbows with Pete Rose, and was still respected by the end of the night. He's WWE Superstar Kane, and he's excelled at just about every level of the wrestling business. He's the current RAW Tag Team Champion (with The Big Show), and has held both the Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championship belts. This summer, The Big Red Machine will trade in chokeslamming opponents for haunting a hotel in the horror flick "See No Evil." We caught up with the Monster at NYC's Comic-Con on February 25, and discussed his film, in which he plays a serial killer (no stretch there, he admits), and where he sees WWE Films heading in the near future.

JC: Hey Kane, how long has this movie been in development?
Kane: We finished filming in December 2004 so I guess about a year-and-a-half ago. It's been in post production. [Overall] it's been in the works for about two years.

JC: Was the film actually written for you in particular?
Kane: Yes. It's flattering actually. It really is.

JC: Do you actually play Kane in the film or a similar character?
Kane: It's a similar character. You know I'm not Kane per se, but you maybe take it as an extension of Kane.. of course without the limitations of television so it's much more intense.

JC: Do you actually talk a lot in the movie? Any killer catchphrases?
Kane: You have to watch it.

JC: I saw the trailers. It looks cool. Now, is film the general direction you knew your career would take you?
Kane: It really was not something, you know, [I thought of] when I began my career. My ultimate goal was not to do movies or anything like that. When an opportunity like this arises, I mean you know it's just a great opportunity. In a lot of ways, it's an extension of what we do in the ring. WWE, it's not only a wrestling company, it's an entertainment company, and that's what we do. So I found this to be a natural extension of what I normally do.
JC: Where do you see WWE Films going? Do you think they'll come a point where it'll become known as its own entity like MTV Films, which started off slow but picked up steam with "Napolean Dynamite" and other hit movies?
Kane: Yes, I think the goal is to have a diversified company and you know from my knowledge, the films are definitely a part of that. and based on my film, and it's a quality film, I think we're going to be successful with that.

JC: With "Saw" and other horror flicks, the genre couldn't be any more popular now...
Kane: Yeah. I think this is a good start

JC: Lastly, how's RAW going?
Kane: Good, real good going into Wrestlemania.

JC: You must be psyched for 'mania 22... Do you know who you're facing yet?
Kane: Not yet, but I'm sure that will all come out in the next few weeks.

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