Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Paid To Lose

Starting today Sunday Night Steam is going to chronicle the biggest losers in wrestling history from A-Z. So let's begin with the biggest jobber of them all. A is for Andre "The Giant" Roussimoff. Andre is without a doubt one of the most well known faces in professional wrestling history. Dubbed "The Eighth Wonder of The World" he is perhaps the biggest athlete ever to appear in a wrestling ring. Sadly however, after a long and successful career The Giant will be remembered most for these three loses: 1)Wrestlemania III in front of 93,000 Andre takes one for the team and jobs to a guy named Hulk Hogan, the same Hogan that Andre used to slap around during the Verne Gagne AWA era. 2)Saturday Night's Main Event went primetime as Andre became the WWE World Champion only to sell the gold minutes later to Ted DiBiase. 3) It's one thing to get your head shaved but to have it done by a longtime 80's midcarder is another story(that's right Ken Patera we are calling you out).

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