Saturday, February 10, 2007

From Berts Unknown

Wrestlemania Moments come and go but these Wrestlemania Mustaches will never be forgotten:

SD Jones- Wrestlemania I
William "The Fridge" Perry- Wrestlemania II
Koko B. Ware- Wrestlemania III
Ron Bass- Wrestlemania IV
Raymond Rougeau- Wrestlemania V
Rick Rude- Wrestlemania VI
General Adnan- Wrestlemania VII
Jake "The Snake" Roberts- Wrestlemania VIII
Rick Steiner- Wrestlemania IX
Adam Bomb- Wrestlemania X
Bart Gunn- Wrestlemania XI
Paul Bearer- Wrestlemania XII
Doug Furnas- Wrestlemania XIII
Marc Mero- Wrestlemania XIV
Al Snow- Wrestlemania XV
D-Lo Brown- Wrestlemania XVI
Iron Sheik- Wrestlemania X7
Hulk Hogan- Wrestlemania X8
Howard Finkel- Wrestlemania XIX
Sgt Slaughter- Wrestlemania XX
Shelton Benjamin- Wrestlemania 21
"Mean" Gene Okerlund- Wrestlemania 22

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