Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Worst Signature Moves and Finishers of All-Time

It wasn't easy to come up with this list... yeah, right...

6. HBK's flying elbow - sorry but Randy Savage had this move before he did and frankly, it doesn't really look like it'd hurt coming from HBK.
5. Umaga's Thumb - it's so not cool seeing Three Minute Warning's Jamal beat a guy by thumb wrestling
4. Bradshaw's "Clothesline from Hell" - oh come on, it's just a clothesline no matter what stupid name you give it
3. TIE - The Rock's "People's Elbow" and John Cena's "Three Knuckle Shuffle" - a three year old could kick out of these moves
2. John Cena's "FU" - we're guessing Cena saw Freddie Blassie try to give Cpt. Lou a Brock Lesner "F5", mimicked it, and thats what he got.

1. The Hogan Leg Drop - look we love Hulk Hogan. He's a legend, but we can't honestly believe a leg drop from a guy with shaky knees can hurt anybody... not even Mae Young.

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